VIC FIRTH DRUMCHAIN in partenza oggi!

Redazione 09 apr 2021
“Unisciti alla Vic Firth Drumchain!”
Pensata da Vic Firth in collaborazione con gli artisti della family, tra cui Dave Weckl, Anders Astrand, Nate Skinner, Roger Carterper, l’iniziativa vuole unire idealmente i batteristi e percussionisti nel globo per suonare.

“Join the chain, with downloadable tracks and resources below. Submit your video for a chance to be featured here and social media and stay #vfconnected!”

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“People want to feel connected, and that was really our whole goal with this project, creating connection across the entire percussion community...” - says Mike Weber, Global Brand Manager for Vic Firth - “we really wanted to do something special to show how powerful music can be in bringing people together. Our incredible family of Vic Firth artists really brought the vision of the Drumchain to life by sharing their talent across a wide range of backgrounds, instruments, and musical styles as well as the creative tools they ...
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use. Now we’re excited to turn it over to the passionate drummers and percussionists of the world, to join in the Drumchain and continue building connections with each other. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!”

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