Nazareth, a ottobre il nuovo “Tattooed On My Brain”

Redazione 19 lug 2018
Celebrando il loro 50esimo anniversario, gli scozzesi Nazareth annunciano che il 12 ottobre 2018 pubblicheranno il loro nuovo “Tattooed On My Brain” (Frontiers Records): un album in cui riversano tutto il loro hard rock ficcante e coinvolgente ed anticipato ora dal singolo “Pole To Pole”.

24esimo album della loro carriera, la rock band scozzese si presenta con un nuovo vocalist, Carl Sentance (ex-Persian Risk e Don Airey band). Produzione: Yann Rouiller.

Nazareth linep
Pete Agnew (bass) – Carl Sentance (vocal) – Jimmy Murrison (guitar) – Lee Agnew (drum)

Nazareth Band

“Tattooed On My Brain” - tracklist
Never Dance With The Devil
Tattooed On My Brain
State Of Emergency
Rubik’s Romance
Pole To Pole
The Secret Is Out
Don’t Throw Your Love Away
Crazy Molly
Silent Symphony
What Goes Around
You Call Me

Founding member, bassist Pete Agnew says about the new album: "What I know and expect is that this record, because of our new line up, will come under the highest scrutiny of any record in Nazareth’s history and after that, hopefully be judged as one of the best of Nazareth’s career. While there is always going to be hints of the classic Nazareth sound on our albums, when you consider that all the musicians have been playing classic Nazareth songs ...
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for most of their lives, what is fresh, and inspired the new songs and new approach, is the fact that we have a new singer: Carl Sentance. You can change band members and still keep pretty much on the same road, but there is nothing that changes a band’s approach so definitively as the sound, style and performance of a new frontman. It also influences the way the other guys write songs because mostly when you write a song for the band you have in mind whether it will suit your singer’s style and how he’ll sound singing it. And of course, with Carl we have not only a new singer but a great new songwriter as well, so the whole project was always going to be fresher than a new laid egg, given all these ingredients we had to work with. Tastes fantastic, by the way."

While it is difficult to sum up in few words the history and the influence on the history of rock that an act like Nazareth has had, there is no doubt that they have left an indelible mark. The band originally formed in Dunfermline, Scotland in 1968, releasing their eponymous debut album in 1971. The band broke through to a larger audience when, after supporting Deep Purple on tour, they released the Roger Glover-produced “Razamanaz” album in early 1973.  A string of hit records including “Loud 'N’ Proud”, “Rampant”, and their biggest success "Hair of the Dog" (featuring the smash hits "Hair Of The Dog" and "Love Hurts") followed, cementing the band's legacy in the history of hard rock. Nazareth continued on throughout the '80s and '90s, making new studio albums and touring the world.

In 2014, original singer Dan McCafferty had to leave the band for health reasons and with his blessing, Carl Sentance is now fronting the legendary band. Rejuvenated and as energetic as ever, Nazareth is back with an album that firmly shows their roots, but also sees the band progressing forward and seeing the future. These songs are infectious, hooky and instantly memorable....just as you'd expect from Nazareth! 

The band has a wealth of tour dates commencing this Friday, July 20th and running through August, before picking up again in November.

20th / Jul / 2018 Vyrava - Letni Amfiteatre – Czech Rep.
21st / Jul / 2018 Konopiste - Amfiteatre - Czech Rep.
22nd / Jul / 2018 Budejovice -Letni Parket Holkov - Czech Rep.
27th / Jul / 2018 Seebronn -Rock of Ages festival - Germany
28th / Jul / 2018 Kamenz - Germany (Hutbergbühne Rock Legenden)
29th / Jul / 2018 Bergan - Isle Rugen - Germany
01st / Aug / 2018 Wacken Festival - Germany
09th / Aug / 2018 Grande Prairie Revolution - AB - Canada
10th / Aug / 2018 Enoch - River Cree Casino - AB - Canada
11th / Aug / 2018 Grand Forks - BC - CannaFest - Canada
12th / Aug / 2018 Kelowna - BC - Rock The Lake - Canada
14th / Aug / 2018 Kuujjuaq - QC - Kuujjuaq Forum - Canada
17th / Aug / 2018 Sasakatoon - SK - Rock The River - Canada
19th / Aug / 2018 W. Vancouver - BC - Rock Ambleside Park - Canada
23rd / Aug / 2018 Regina - SK - Casino Regina - Canada
24th / Aug / 2018 Brandon - MB - Trails West Inn - Canada
25th / Aug / 2018 Winnipeg - MB - Burton Cummings Theatre - Canada
28th / Aug / 2018 London - ON - London Music Hall - Canada
29th / Aug / 2018 Toronto - ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre- Canada
30th / Aug / 2018 Waterloo - ON - Maxwell’s Concerts & Events - Canada
31st / Aug / 2018 Barrie - ON - Mavericks Music Hall - Canada
09th / Nov / 2018 Lünen - Lükaz - Germany
10th / Nov / 2018 Markneukirchen - Music Hall - Germany
11th / Nov / 2018 Burgrieden - Riffelhof -Germany
13th / Nov / 2018 Augsburg - Spectrum - Germany
16th / Nov / 2018 Rubigen - Mühle Hunziken - Switzerland
17th / Nov / 2018 Luzern - Schüür -Switzerland
20th / Nov / 2018 Laufen - Stadthalle - Germany
21st / Nov / 2018 Nürnberg - Cult - Germany
23rd / Nov / 2018 Siegburg - Kubana - Germany
24th / Nov / 2018 Duisburg - Steinhof - Germany
30th / Nov / 2018 Cham - Stadthalle - Germany
07th / Dec / 2018 Flensburg - Roxy - Germany
09th / Dec / 2018 Wuppertal - Apollo - Germany

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