Pattern-Seeking Animals, "Prehensile "Tales"

Redazione 09 mar 2020
Lo scorso anno i Pattern-Seeking Animals hanno fatto il loro debutto discografico; il prossimo 15 maggio 2020 la prog band californiana, decisamente attiva e prolifica, pubblicherà il secondo album, "Prehensile Tales" (Inside Out Music). La scaletta raccoglie
sei brani di lunga durata (uno di 17 minuti) e, ancora una volta, è stato registrato e mixato da Rich Mouser presso The Mouse House. Artwork di copertina di Mirek, noto artista polacco.

Pattern Seeking Animals official website

Pattern-Seeking Animals lineup
Ted Leonard (voce e chitarra), Jimmy Keegan (batteria e voce), Dave Meros (basso) e John Boegehold (tastiere)

"Prehensile Tales" sarà disponibile nei formati Gatefold 2LP+CD, Limited Edition CD e digitale.


1. Raining Hard In Heaven
2. Here In My Autumn
3. Elegant Vampires
4. Why Don’t We Run
5. Lifeboat
6. Soon But Not Today

“I started writing for the second album right as we were finishing up the first one” says Boegehold, who is again producing. “I wanted to change around some of the songwriting approaches I’d been using and draw from a few different musical influences while not straying too far from the overall vibe of the band.”

Ted Leonard adds: "This album is another collection of lush arrangements and infectious melodies. I mean REALLY infectious. There are ...
l'articolo continua  
certain lines that are the last thing going through my head at night and the first thing in the morning. I think it's actually furthering my insanity."

“Prehensile Tales is a play-on-words I came up with while writing lyrics and thought it would be a funny album title. As a bonus, it actually seems to mean something that fits the music.”

To coincide with the album’s release, the band is set to perform at RosFest 2020 in Sarasota, Florida on May 9th and is lining up more dates later in the year which will be announced soon.

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